“A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing in the hands of the uninformed”, by Robert W Malone MD,

A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing in the hands of the uninformed by Robert W Malone MD, MSSep 13 ▷  LISTENSAVE “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”philosopher George SantayanaRobespierre and the Committee of Public SafetyThe Reign of Terror was a period in the French Revolution marked by a series of massacres and pubic execution that took place in an atmosphere marked by revolutionary fervor, anti-nobility sentiments and wild accusations of the Jacobin faction led by Maximilien Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety.  This period of the Jacobin rule was the first time in history that terror became an official government policy with the stated aim to use violence to achieve a higher political goal.The Reign of Terror  (September 5, 1793 – July 28, 1794), also known as The Terror, was a period of violence during the French Revolution incited by conflict between two rival political factionsthe Girondins (moderate republicans) and the Jacobins (radical republicans), and marked by mass executions of “the enemies of the revolution.” The foundation of the Terror was centered around the April 1793 creation of the Committee of Public Safety. As a wartime measure, the Committee was given broad supervisory powers over military, judicial, and legislative efforts. Its power peaked between August 1793 and July 1794 under the leadership of Robespierre, who established a virtual dictatorship. On June 1794, Robespierre, who favored deism over atheism, recommended that the Convention acknowledge the existence of his god. The next day, the worship of the deistic Supreme Being was inaugurated as an official aspect of the revolution. As a result of Robespierre’s insistence on associating terror with virtue, his efforts to make the republic a morally united patriotic community became equated with the endless bloodshed. Shortly after that, following a decisive military victory over Austria at the Battle of Fleurus, Robespierre was overthrown on July 27, 1794.As someone identified by many as a key leader in this “global resistance to medical tyranny” movement, I have tried to keep my eye on a wide range of potential threats, while also doing my best to help guide things while also helping all of us to make sense out of what we are being subjected to. And among the things that I worry about on a daily basis is the rise of Jacobinism. The risk of developing a culture that promotes and thrives on circular firing squads and conspiracy theories. We have plenty to focus on without that sort of drama. We are seeing the beginning of Jacobinism develop with our hypnotized opponents, just as my friend and scholar of mass movements Dr. Mattias Desmet had long predicted. Those who are participating in “The Mass” are beginning to attack their own, with WEF-young leader trained Dr. Lena Wen being one of the first targets for the unforgivable sin of becoming more reasonable about masking and school policies. And I have seen it all along, cropping up from time to time, within our ranks also. But one particular cell of conspirators seems to have invested quite a bit of energy in lobbing grenades at me of late. If you know of whom I refer, then good on you. If not, then please just consider this essay a general warning concerning historic human behaviors. There is no upside in further publicizing the names of those who so desperately seek attention.Currently we are in a period of transition. In some ways, we can now see the end of the battle, and it looks like we may win this one. In others, we can see that this COVIDcrisis is really just a skirmish in a much larger war that has been going on for decades. Many, including myself, have been unaware of what has really been going on for decades at the WEF, the BMGF, the UN, the WHO, the various organizations supported by King George III, etc. Others have had their eyes open for a long time. But the COVIDcrisis seems to be loosing momentum (one hopes), the passion is finally draining out, and the fever appears to have broken. There are signs that the opposition is starting to pivot to new battlegrounds.

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Transitions are difficult. Over the last couple of years, many have build new empires, new personas, new business models based on various aspects of the COVIDcrisis. Some sell air filters on line which purport to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 spike protein from the air. Others have made a lot of money selling overpriced vitamins and supplements. Some have gone from preparing for retirement to traveling all the time while writing daily substack articles. Some are busy making money by selling books chronicling their experiences. And others have gone from working as a bounty hunter to operating a small podcast media business. All of these now face a new threat (I personally think “existential threat” is over used) – that threat being change. Some will adapt to the new threat, information and strategy landscape, others will fall away. The only predictable constant going forward from here will be change. Earlier today, a colleague wrote to me “Do you perceive that we are fated to participate in a globalist world?” My reply? “The future truly hangs in the balance. As the Mormons say, the constitution hangs by a thread. As for me, I have my “Gault’s gulch” and my marriage.“ I will remain as long as I can be useful to the cause, and then I will be gone. Or maybe before. Who knows. Death is my councilor.The rise of Jacobinism occurred during a period of transitionCultural and political transitions are inherently unstable.In June 1793, Paris sections took over the Convention, calling for administrative and political purges, a low fixed price for bread, and a limitation of the electoral franchise to sans-culottes alone. The Jacobins identified themselves with the popular movement and the sans-culottes, who in turn saw popular violence as a political right. The sans-culottes, exasperated by the inadequacies of the government, invaded the Convention and overthrew the Girondins. In their place they endorsed the political ascendancy of the Jacobins.On June 24, the Convention adopted the first republican constitution of France, the French Constitution of 1793. It was ratified by public referendum, but never put into force. Like other laws, it was indefinitely suspended and in October, it was announced that the government of France would be “revolutionary until the peace.”Although the Girondins and the Jacobins were both on the extreme left and shared many of the same radical republican convictions, the Jacobins were more brutally efficient in setting up a war government.And now, at this period of transition, with so many moving parts that need to be managed, I once again have to deal with fragging. Grenades are being lobbed. Fragments of information are being grabbed out of my CV or cyberspace, inferences made, and people with little to no comprehension of the context are spinning up wild accusations without taking the time to develop an understanding of what is really going on. People with no prior governmental experience and a high school education are drawing conclusions which seem to mostly be a projection of their worst fears. Words are being said, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.[William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 5]

So let’s get down to the accusations being madly tossed about. I have previously addressed these accusations both months ago and now once again in various chats on Telegram and other cesspool forums where crazy rumors circulate. Sorry, but I cannot deal wither what goes on with Twitter, as I am banned and have been since immediately before the Rogan interview (what a strange coincidence!). Recognizing, of course, that:He that complies against his will,
Is of his own opinion still.[Samuel Butler (1612-1680): Hudibras]J’accuse! #1: Dr. Robert Malone is actually controlled opposition because he has a conflict of interest stemming from the vaccine he is developing called “RelCovax”!There are many variants of this accusation which are circulating. @astounded writes: “Can you explain what is going on with your NEW MRNA development? Seems to be some conflict I’ve read. Thank you”@Lab_Mom writes: “Why have you never announced you are CURRENTLY working for the NIH developing the next SARS-COV-2 vaccine???”And this is an example of a hybrid combining J’Accuse #1 and J’Accuse #2The name of this vaccine candidate refers to Reliance COVID vaccine. Reliance vaccines is a company started by Reliance Industries of India. Reliance vaccines hired me as a consultant (remember, before all of this, I ran a clinical research, proposal development, and regulatory affairs consulting business for decades?) to provide some advice and guidance to a new team that was being developed to create inexpensive new infectious disease vaccines – largely for the poor of India and emerging economy countries who are not well served by western big pharma. The consulting gig amounted to about once a week participating in a two hour zoom call in the middle of the night with India, listening to the executive team, providing advice when requested, and occasionally reviewing a document or two. Reliance is owned by Mukesh Ambani, one of the wealthiest people in the world, who once served in a leadership position at the WEF. Which I knew nothing about at the time. When I began helping the new team at this new vaccine startup to make various strategic business decisions (which are none of anyone’s business other than Reliance vaccines), they were not focused on developing a low cost, low tech vaccine for COVID. Remember, there are basically a billion poor in India. And companies like Reliance have requirements from the Indian government to basically tithe into a fund that goes to helping the poor. The intention was to use that fund to provide inexpensive, low tech vaccines (using well established traditional vaccine manufacturing processes and methods) for poor people. At the time, the only COVID vaccines were expensive and high tech gene therapy types, and those were really hard to get. The team developing RelCoVax was new – as a team- but mostly consisted of very experienced vaccine development specialists assembled from other established Indian vaccine companies.The technical approach chosen for developing RelCoVax is somewhat similar to that used by Peter Hotez for his vaccine, but was developed completely independently, and when the wraps were taken off of Peter’s vaccine (which is also manufactured in India, I believe), the RelCoVax team stalled a bit. Plus, in India, the regulatory authorities follow more strict guidelines that the FDA does – even before the FDA basically threw their rulebook into the trash. But the Indian regulatory authority has had some nasty experiences with new vaccines, notably ones pushed by the BMGF, and has become very wary and insistent that there be no shortcuts taken. Which takes time. As for me, my contract expired with Reliance just as this whole COVIDcrisis vaccine mess really heated up, and neither side sought to renew it. My last deliverable was preparation and presentation of a slide deck for a European vaccine conference (one of the reasons I took the Moderna jab was that I knew I was likely to need to go to France for the conference), which slide deck described the RelCoVax product. Date of the actual presentation was 22 September 2021, almost exactly a year ago. Here is the key slide describing the vaccine product candidate (below). I have no ownership or financial interest in this project or product. It is not and has never been “my vaccine”. It is not an mRNA vaccine. Anyone who states otherwise is spreading lies for some reason, some agenda. I will let you speculate about motives. Note that this vaccine does not include full length SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (unlike Novavax), rather it includes the receptor binding domain of Spike as well as another antigen, the nucleocapsid. It is highly likely to not have the “clot shot” adverse event profile of either the genetic vaccines or the Novavax product. But time will tell on that, and I have complete confidence that the Reliance team and the Indian Regulatory Authority will insist that all of the proper tests are done.For those who want to dig further, the slide deck which I presented can be found here. I have no idea of what developmental stage this vaccine product candidate is currently at. I am not involved in the project any longer. Any who consult for a living know that it is really not appropriate to discuss clients and their projects on public forums, but it seems that the conspiracy theorists have a sense of entitlement which much be addressed. And this slide deck was presented in a public forum, so there is that.Moving on to the next wild accusation…J’accuse! #2: Dr. Robert Malone is actually controlled opposition because he is currently working for the NIH/NIAID through the ACTIV program developing a next generation mRNA vaccine!This is one recent variant of a variety of similar accusations which have been thrown at me over the last couple of years because I have won or managed billions in federal contracts over the years. And have worked and published with people who are clearly deeeep state/intelligence/biodefense assets. These contracts have always been for other people, as for some reason my writing and technical skill has always been good enough to win contracts for others, but never NIH contracts for myself and my own research. I even wrote a proposal for an mRNA vaccine for coronaviruses back in the mid 1990s (oh-oh. Now they are going to weaponize that against me!), but it was rejected. As was my proposal to NIH/NIAID for development of pulsed electrical field driven polynucleotide delivery for vaccine purposes. Which was based on this paper and this paper and a few others. Way, way ahead of their time. Rejected because the study section “knew” that Merck vaccines had already solved the delivery problem for genetic vaccines. Which was also based on my work. But no, plenty for thee, none for me. Inder Verma warned me back in 1989 that if I left his lab at the Salk when I did, I would never get an NIH grant. And he was right. Which is why I turned to focusing on working with the US DoD in biodefense product development. But that is another story.I always find this line of attack strangely fascinating, in a twisted sort of way, as anyone who has actually followed what I have said, written and done over the last two years would have to conclude that if I am controlled opposition, I must be the worst double agent in the history of the United States. But conspiracy theorists are going to conspiracy theorize, and haters are going to hate. Just the way things are. Looking on the bright side, “Evil Cabal” is a definite step up from mass murderer, which is also an accusation that has been casually thrown about by many of these same people. Apparently I am accused of being a mass murderer for having invented the technology platform and idea (which the factcheckers and Alex Berenson dispute while disregarding the issued patents), as well as for promoting the work of Dr. Mattias Desmet regarding the Psychology of Totalitarianism. The latter is really hard (logically) for me to wrap my mind around, but there it is. The former I addressed at length in this substack article. And apparently I am now both a wolf in sheeps clothing as well as being the most interesting Doctor in the world. Which I filmed in support of that notorious deep state movie production “Plandemic 3”. Easy come, easy go. The proof of the accusation is everywhere you look. Mea culpa.So, what actually is ACTIV? Well, I have written about it before on this substack, and discussed it in various lectures as a source of NIH corruption, but, uh, yeah. See my prior statement that: The congressional charters for the “Foundation for the National Institutes of Health” and the “CDC Foundation” must be revoked. Sounds like I am definitely a part of the evil cabal. If your point of view is that of our opposition…. Which gets to the issue of psychological projection and low self esteem. Just saying. Not diagnosing.Back on topic- This is where it gets fascinating. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.Here is the NIH ACTIV web page.Yup, ACTIV has a component that used to be part of OWS. check. ACTIV is not part of OWS, rather OWS is now a part of ACTIV. Details. ACTIV is involved in vaccine development. Check. ACTIV is housed within the Foundation for NIH, which accepts money from Pharma and BMGF. Check. Never mind that I have called for the FNIH to have its charter dissolved. That must just be more deepstate double agent sneakiness on my part, right?Here’s the thing. I was a non-voting volunteer participant in the ACTIV TX- clinical trial working group. Put there at the request of my client DoD/DTRA, and in particular at the request of a GS14 that I had been mentoring at the request of a GS15 that I have known since he was a post Doc with Bob Gallo, and even before. Because I am an expert in clinical research, drug repurposing, virology, etc.  Although, to be clear, I have never worked as a Bounty Hunter or as a drug rep. I was allowed to listen and occasionally comment because the DoD/DTRA wanted me there. And when I mentioned my participation (I think it was on the Rogan show), and also mentioned that the (voting) Merck representative on the committee tried to block the Ivermectin trials from going forward, my GS14 colleague got a nastygram from ACTIV suggesting that I should not be allowed to participate. And not long after that I dropped off. Which is a shame, because the reason I was there was to help get our fully powered, innovative inpatient and outpatient trials of the repurposed drugs famotidine, celecoxib, and ivermectin launched under DoD/DTRA funding which I had worked so hard to get dedicated to this project. But which clinical trials the FDA notoriously blocked until we dropped the Ivermectin component at insistence of the aforementioned DoD GS15. And which project I no longer support, although the clinical trials eventually got started. And oh, by the way, snarky factcheckers at Associated Press and Washington Post, the data now show that I was right and famotidine (pepcid) use is therapeutic for COVID-19 disease. But that is another story for another day.So, was I or am I involved with NIH/NIAID and ACTIV in developing a second gen mRNA vaccine?  Absolutely not. Pure conspiracy thinking. The ACTIV TX (treatment) clinical trial working group is the group I was participating in (as a non-voting member), but have ceased participating in quite a while ago. I was trying to gather intel from the ACTIV TX-Clinical WG committee on behalf of and on request by my DoD/DTRA client so that we might get our inexpensive repurposed drug trial, involving repurposed drugs and combinations which I played a central role in identifying, so that we could save lives using readily available inexpensive products. Furthermore, ACTIV TX-Clinical WG is all about clinical trial design and management to test a range of pharmaceuticals, including both repurposed and new ones.  It has nothing to do with vaccine development.Now, with all of that said, who are the ones that are being disruptive, making wild unfounded accusations, spinning unfounded conspiracy theories and doing things which advance the interests of our opponents? And who is just working away, day after day, getting stuff done, writing substacks, and traveling all over the world trying to help people.Controlled opposition is an interesting matter. It exists. But when effective you can only identify it by its shadow and footprints. By the trail of damage that it leaves. But those who repeatedly shout “Wolf” deserve a bit of skepticism. In my opinion.