“Ralph de Jongh plays with conviction and with a drive that you do not see very much these days. He has a relentless empathy for the blues and he is a young man who dares to choose not to take the ‘easy way out’: Glitter, quick success…., but instead chooses a piece of culture in the form of the music of Robert Johnson, Son House, Elmore James and Muddy Waters. By now insiders have come to know Ralph and I hope that the media too will provide him with a main stage, for if you have just a small knowledge of music you will know this is too good a chance to miss. You’ll be hearing from Ralph. With respect and pleasure,


Harry ‘Cuby’ Muskee.   ”                                                       

Ralph: A 44+ albums musician. Some of those have earned him five star reviews. His music comes straight from the heart. Especially the twenty-five latest album starting with Quantum are mostly raw on the spot in the studio improvised music and lyrics. In a dazzling production taking you on a flight. Working seemingly effortlessly with great musicians as Marcel Wolthof, Nico Heilijgers, Chi Ron, Elmore James van Doodewaard, Ylvalie, Leon van Etten, Tim Birkenholz, Monique Anderson, Arie Verhaar, Arend Bouwmeester, Roel Spanjers, Ewa Pepper Gorzynska, Maarten Ouweneel, Almar Fernhout, Michel ten Hoope, Rogier Hemmes, Joost Verbraak, Max Joosten, Freek Prins, Erwin Java, Hans La Faille, Herman Deinum, Bas Mulder, Jasper Mortier, Christof Bauwens, John Stam, Bullet-Ray & many more. Enjoy!