Verslag Poortershoes live review Klaas Guchelaar

Ralph De Jongh At Live Op Zondag

On October six Ralph de Jongh kicked off the new season of Love op Zondag, the series of Jazz and Blues concerts held in Poortershoes in Groningen. After last season’s six concerts the series is back for five more and with Ralph they were of to an amazing start.

After a fantastic bunch of concerts at Poortershoes organizers Bas and Jellie felt the urge to go on and organize a second set of concerts. The idea is still the same: a great band at Poortershoes. Not too fancy, just a great set of musicians with and for music lovers and a good location on a Sunday afternoon.

Ralph de Jongh band – Click image for full set

For the new season Ralph de Jongh came with band and  having seen him about 15 times now, you just know that’s going to be a fantastic gig. Lot’s of heart, great blues and rock with lots of a bit of fun.

Ralph de Jong band – Click image for full set

The rhythm section is cool and solid and the extra guitarist, I don’t know where Ralph finds them but they are always awesome and they add that extra layer of magic, that thing you can’t quite put your finger on. Great glues, jazzy at times and sometimes a 70’s psychedelic sauce that just makes you wanna move.

Ralph de Jongh band – Click image for full set

As a start of the season at Live op Zondag in Poortershoes it couldn’t have gone much better. And in a few weeks it’s time for the second act already: Then the Ruben Hoeke Band will return to Poortershoes. After last year’s concert they’ll be a very welcome returning band.

Ralph de Jongh band – Click image for full set

Thanks Bas and Jellie of Live op Zondag and many thanks to Ralph and band for a great, great Sunday afternoon.