Clip by MoonZ DesignZ of the new RALPH DE JONGH song TO ANOTHER CLOWNS PARADISE. Another “skysong on the spot” as Harry Muskee would call it. Live recorded in the Jan Kisjes Studio by Juan Kiers. In the studio you see drummer Marcel Wolthof, bassplayer Nico Heilijgers, guitarplayer Tim Birkenholz & Ralph de Jongh on vocal&guitar and photographer Edwin Fabriek. Free Lyrics & musicvideo one click away TO ANOTHER CLOWNS PARADISE

To Another Clowns Paradise

Team up mama, take my hand, and show you understand. 2x
I was bleeding long time, with your love, with your love. And now I’m forever in your life.
Even when the flesh falls of my face, and I must surrender. Down the hole to another clown’s , clowns paradise. Down to another clowns paradise. Down the rabbit hole, to another clowns paradise.

You now, let your feet touch the ground. Or let the wind blow your face, when you’re riding all over town. This world’s a small town, everybody knows. We’re all brothers of soul. Just one race, just one race. Make that world the universe. Brothers in soul.
Going down a rabbit hole to another clowns paradise.