The Knight Is On – title song of a new Band Ralph de Jongh album only 50



  The Knight Is On

The Knight is on, the funky part, that won’t bring you nothing, that you already do, by giving over, giving over to the blue blood in your veins.

If you don’t expect it to come, you know that i might be wrong, well i’m gonna tell this old song.

Even when i don’t expect to run in your arms, just a blind boy long way from home.

If i ever speed away, as the first thing that i did, i know that it’s only told me so.

If you ever start to name all the things around your sight, you know it’s only words.

Cycle frame, circle frame, and you all in the rain, it’s the first thing that we’ve learned.

I wanna roll you now till i got no more trouble. I wanna roll you now till i get no more fate. I wanna roll you now till i get to fly away from my self, and i’m gonna think of your lie.

If i get to ride on your chin, ride on your coat, to all the destinations i know so far, take me some further till i go blind. Take me some further till i don’t mind.

All the words that i once learned seem to dissolve as time goes on. But now we meet ‘cause i step out into the new promise of what this is all about.

Get the microphone to my lips, i’m gonna sing me this real hip. I wanna fly just like a bird, way out the space, way out the words.  I’m not the sovereign of you. You’re the sovereign of your own world. Your the sovereign of your own.

Someday i might feel bad again. Someday i might feel me again. Someday i might free my self. Become my own sovereign of my own time.

Believe in the

believe in the search of life

believe in the search

believe in the search of life.