Lyrics and video of a new song called SEPARATED

Tekst van een nieuw lied.

Separated. G

Yes I like to listen to my song.
I like to listen to your
hands rubbing on my cheek,
hands rubbing on my cheek.
I felt so
lost for a while,
but now I found
my anker back.
Transmitting all the love,
dive into the unknown.
Not repeating the same old circle everyday.
Like to jump into the unknown.
Put your arms around me. Also when you let me go.
I feel so good, when you’re trying
to walk with me.

Rub my shoulder.
Is there a long and heavy road?
Rub my shoulder.
Is there a long and long and hard, and heavy road?

I felt so separated
So separated.

Even when I try to see, who or what I am.
There are no words, that will tell me who I am. Even though your arms around me.
Sometimes I cannot let it go.
You know I feel so separated.
I feel so separated.
You can if you try.