Guide You Home a new song by Ralph dr Jongh

My honey, you were my food for winter.

In spring, i went out, to kiss the other flowers.

It made me feel so good, it made me feel brand new.

But honey i miss you, i still do.

All of the expressions, that i saw on your face. All the water flowed down your cheeks.

Honey you are my love, and you always will. Honey you are my love, and you always will.

Out in fresh here. Bathing myself in fresh water.

I hear the birds talking. I feel so free. I feel so satisfied. I got a silence in my heart.

You re already here, for ever in my heart.

I wouldn t want it any, any other way.

Coming down again, my feet back on the ground.

In the flow baby. The rhyming of the words. The silent breeze bringing me home. Where there are no words.

I wanna guide you home. Right before the storm,