Great Live review & action photo by Markus Hagner! ***** solo Centraltheater Brake 4-10-2018

7. Oktober 2018

Ralph de Jongh @ Centraltheater – Brake – 04.10.2018

German music lovers finally get hooked more & more by Ralph de Jongh  as one of the most enchanting artiststs from The Lowlands (Holland). His cd’s are ever so stunning and diversified by styles from blues-rock to singer-songwriter and even “Over The Rainbow – Mélange  Singer/Songwriter  Meets Classic“. These are always an ear-candy, but you just have to experience Ralph The Magico live and so did his fans at the Centraltheater Brake in a sold out solo-extravagance in saloon two on 4th of October in Brake. If you are not aware where Brake is, this is a nice town in a distance of about 50km to Bremen at the idyllic Unterweser (river). Hell Yeah the people in this province can rock!

After a short, heartly introduction by Norbert Ostendorf, the manager of Centraltheater Ralph entered in most excellent spirit the stage.  He grabbed his Gibson Les Paul and started by “Blues For My Love“. Oh yeah he is always in thoughts of his beloved wife Monique Anderson.  What a empathetic love-declaration to her.  He also captured immediately the hearts of his listeners by the sensitive guitar-melodies and his strong chant. During the set he fascinated by his wide range of musical skillness from Mississippi-Delta blues to ballads. Ralph was wearing Dutch clogs again and shredding them when he was exploding by his wild solos. Set number one ended also by a new tune entitled “True Self“.

Set two was to commence by “Angel“, a diamond-song of his forthcoming new cd “Quatro“. The swampy final was by “Life is Like A River With No Name“. Ralph was the daredevil by it by his slide-wildernesses on his acoustic guitar. The freaks were not pleased by only two sets, so by their frenetic applause Ralph hailed the stage again for another escapade. As sexy Ralph is often proclaimed as Mick Jagger of the Netherlands he was by this set highly intoxicating by rock’n roll. He began by „Sympathy For The Devil“ playing funk’n rollin‘ bass.  Highlight of the set was maestro De Jongh as lord of the blues-harmonica by „Gonna See“. Also a new song, amazing how his song-creations are erupting out of his brain like a volcano explosion. The final track was „Satisfaction“. Ralph had put a magic spell on all freaks.

A sorcerous night was over, most of the fans were happily leaving into the night for their return home, but some of them loved to chat with hypersimpathico Ralph, besides calling one or more of his cd’s by purchase their own and even had a look at his brilliant, colourful paintings as another side of his creativity. Mister Ostendorf promised that after the conclusion of the reconstructions in the big saloon one, Ralph will return for another show  in 2019, hopefully then escorted by his phenomenal band.

Ralph De Jongh a thrilling live wizard of blues’n-rock’n &roll*****





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