BLACK AND WHITE BIRDS for Klaas Vermeulen bluesharp & friend Photography Bullet-RaY , Lyrics Ralph de Jongh

black & white birds flying a little too far out in the night, tickling your imagination, don’t be afraid,

As your words are unspoken, the night falls in your heart, Be knighted like a deep blue, deep blue , feeling cool.

I got a spoiler ready, I’m gonna tell it all to you. How things are going, the night’s gonna fall off of you,

So open your eyes, let that sun shine through, ‘cause our night is falling, falling off of you.

It makes me feel hardened, more hollow, than I ever , than I’ve ever felt before. Makes me going, deep in the blue sky, with you.

You caught me hollering, singing my song for You. Help me howl it, singing this song for you. But I know it’s, but I know it’s all right now and sometimes , I know man it’s okay, ‘cause it’s all loving, it’s all loving, it’s soul loving, oh so God, so good , so good, , so good, is All i see.