23 april Curacao Club 27 + 27 april Koningsdag Festival De Noot Hoogland en meer…




27 is weer OPEN!!! 23 april Live with: Arie Verhaar drums, Nico Heilijgers bass, Moon Anderson vocals, Lovely vocals and Willem Castillo Blankenberge guitars (Ralph de Jongh songs, guitars, vocals)[Thursday night- 27 LIVE- Ralph de Jongh ]Blues artist singer/songwriter and guitar player Ralph de Jongh plays with conviction and with a drive that you do not see very much these days. With a relentless empathy for the blues Ralph and his band chooses a piece of culture in the form of the music of Robert Johnson, Son House, Elmore James and Muddy Waters. This is pure….This is Ralph de Jongh….This is Emotion  Free / 10pm

27 april 14.00 uur solo in Hoogland buiten bij  mooi weer! afgewisseld met de Leif De Leeuw Band http://www.denoot.nl/optreden/koningsdag-ralph-de-jongh-en-leif-de-leeuw-band/


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image image imageNieuwe album te bestellen via dejonghralph@yahoo.com

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10 april Oerkroeg Schiller in Aalten (met band!) + 11 april Blues & More Rond De Pomp Heino

10 april Oerkroeg Schiller in Aalten Vrijdag 10 april met band! Met op gitaar Maarten Ouweneel drums Arie Verhaar bas en vocals Nico Heilijgers Moon Anderson en Rita Gemerts vocals en ik zang/gitaar. Gaan we de nieuwe set spelen. Nieuwe plaat Sun Coming Up heb ik daar weer te koop. image


11 april Blues & More Rond De Pomp in Heino Zaterdag 11 april speel ik in Heino op Music and More Rond De Pomp. Mooi festival in de buurt van Raalte. Ik speel al om 22 uur ipv 23 uur!


Foto: Henk Schier

4 april Apeldoorn, 5 april Reuver, 9 mei Vledder, 10 juni Groningen

Zaterdag 4 april om 20.00 uur in Apeldoorn (Gelderland) Artcafe Sam Sam                                 Tickets: www.artcafesamsam.nl                    Van Kinsbergenstraat 17
Zondag 5 april om 15.00 uur  5e Reuver Rock Blues Festival (Limburg) zalencentrum De Schakel Tickets: www.zalencentrumdeschakel.nl           Broeklaan 2 in Reuver                                 Zaterdag 9  mei om 20.00 uur in Kerk Vledder (Drenthe)    Tickets: dejonghralph@yahoo.com                                   Woensdag 10 juni om 21.30 uur in Jazzcafe De Spieghel  Groningen              Tickets: dejonghralph@yahoo.com

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Review VANSLAG by Klaas Guchelaar KJGUCH.COM

Review by Klaas Guchelaar. (www.kjguch.com)

Ralph de Jongh held his album presentation last Saturday in the Vanslag church in Borger, a terrific stage where Ralph and his band Crazy Hearts played a fantastic concert to a swinging audience.

I’ve seen Ralph de Jongh a few times now and the first time was in 2008 (actually 2006 when I saw two or three songs of him with Hans van Lier at the Rhythm & Blues Night, but I’m not counting that). In 2008 Ralph played at a charity concert raising money for Duchenne research. The reason that I remember that concert so well is not only that Ralph was wearing such a sparking golden jacket, but mainly because I was standing next to Anton Corbijn who also attended the concert (bringing Francis Healy as the final performer) and standing (photographing) next to ones idols is something you remember.

In 2012 I saw Ralph with hit Crazy Hears (Mark I) at a bluesfesival in Assen and then it got quiet for a while. Last year at a bluesfestival in Hoogeveen Ralph was back again, playing solo and giving one heck of a performance, truly sublime and captivating. And on clogs :)

And now there’s a new album -Sun Coming Up- and a Mark II version of the band Crazy Hearts. The band completely filled the stage in the Vanslag venue with backing vocalists, an extra guitarist, drummer, bass player and sax/percussionist with Ralph firmly in the middle and spotlights.


It was a seated concert and that was a bit of a shame as the concert was absolutely perfect for a bit of dancing, but we were able to move about a bit in our seats. Ralph played intensely and passionate as always and the band perfectly suited him. Blues and rock are a firm base of the sound and in Ralph’s guitar playing I can’t help but hear a young Keith Richards of the early Rolling Stones period and seriously I can hear some early Mick Jagger in Ralph’s voice as well once he get’s rocking. The band has no problem incorporating a bit of gospel in the songs and getting into a slower pace. LOVED IT!

A truly remarkable song is Ralph’s tribute to Harry Muskee in the song ‘Harry’. A terrific song with a fantastic instrumental part. Strong, powerful and moving. All in all a superb presentation of Ralph’s new album and a great start to more fantastic concerts.

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