Lyrics: Spinning Around, of the album Breath Of Live. Soon all lyrcis will be posted on the site.

spinning around            Besm Esm F# F

(I)[:a worried old soul, was blinded by the fire:]

(V)hurrying home, right on time.

(I)a saint is a sinner, who kept on (IV) trying

a saint (V) is a sinner, who never gave up(I), on the light.  This dirty old town is ho—-wling for (IV)more, and I’m running (V) behind the sweets.(I)(IV)(V)

(I)to sing a song for the brand (IV) new day, sing a song(V) for the light in (I)day, sing a song for the brand new (IV)life, that was (V)always there but you just found.(I)

(I)to find again the real life (IV)in the heart and soul (V) is what you (I)do. Never in a lie,(IV) come on bring me home to see.

and the trenches of the graveyard, searching for more, and we always die.  This worried old soul,

is riding home, though sometimes with the old foolish lies.

But__—who are you to blame me for ya? Heaven knows it’s right on time. You are one, feel this love, big enough, better time. (I)(<)Lord!you just finding home a soul, is  a writing on the wall, just sing it like a burning before your body falls. You’re married for depression, in a lie, burn, ride on, ride on.

<whistle(:I IV V:)>

(I)You’re the soul, who’s left the (IV)body. You’re travelling (V)on in different names and shapes(I). The barker was a wondering but he (IV)already knew, that the love (V)was felt inside his body.(I) It’s always on before you pray, sheep get on the firing ring, mama’s just a rider of the storm.

As play was foul, a lesson learned, the school was play but never burned, the love inside was always begging us.

Todododo Lover in a song now was he, fell out here before, and now he opens up th—e door. She is all right connected to the soul of the earth, the soul of the matter, soul of the birth.

Hit me one more time, is what he so often says, and he lost another 100 years.

Slow it down, speed it up, anyway you li—-ke, but there’s only one wh—eel that keeps on, spi—-nning. [: mama yeah. spi—-nning. :]

o—oo-oh, spinning round.