“I ain’t got no control. And we’re all living short. Life happens too fast. The tail we grew earlier dissapears. All the stories told and nothing learned. Guess we keep on fighting and burning. Not blessing our souls.
Everyday I loose the way. I give up fighting for who I am. But the bitter truth is that sometimes I try to hide who I am. I try to be a better, and not a bitter man.
Every day I loose the way, so hey, I’m gonna change. This is the way i was born, this is the way I belong. I write my songs as a blind man. like a transistor radio. I just give it up to the cosmic way. I feel like a small piece of dirt. i feel in myself the whole universe. i give up my whole, my Soul, my everything. And let it all dissolve right here right now. Always stays the same, always stays the same, always stays the same.”